Don't Use Internet Explorer Unless Necessary: Malware Found

Don't Use Internet Explorer Unless Necessary: Malware Found

Posted Sept. 19, 2012

Within the last week, a previously unknown exploit affecting all versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) is being used by individuals to infect unsuspecting users' computers with malicious software. In the last day, this has taken a turn for the worse and the number of places hosting this malware was risen tremendously.

While the Jefferson Lab cyber security team addresses this problem, please refrain from using Internet Explorer unless absolutely necessary. If you must use IE, please go only to the known links necessary for you to do your job.

Until further notice (until this threat passes), JLab's cyber security recommends the use of alternative browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Opera, or Safari.

IT understands that some sites require the use of IE, and for those places it is permissible to continue to use IE - for authorized purposes - only.

Updates on this situation will be provided. If you have questions or wish to report computer problems, please contact the Computer Center Helpdesk at:
or JLab's cyber security team at:

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