Draft revisions of the Issues Management Procedure

Draft revisions of the Issues Management Procedure

Written on behalf of Bruce Lenzer, Quality Assurance & Continuous Improvement (QA&CI) Department Manager

Draft revisions of the Issues Management Procedure (dealing with Corrective and Preventive Action Management), Management Self Assessment Procedure, and Independent Assessment Procedure have been completed and are in final draft review. The Issues Management Procedure has been aligned with expectations of how the Automated Quality Information System-Corrective Actions Tracking System (AQIS-CATS) is expected to be used and managed. A roll out and orientation training has been completed to inform users of these changes, improvements, and enhancements.The Assessment Procedures have been adjusted to primarily update roles responsibilities under the new JSA-JLab contract. In addition, QA/CI is in the process of completing a Computer Based Training Module for Conducting Management Self Assessments. An initial training session was conducted with key personnel to obtain feedback for improvements and refinements prior to the final roll out. Employees at JLab who will be conducting such Assessments will be required to take this training course prior to leading a Management Self Assessment. These activities complete a series of actions associated with our JSA Quality Improvement Plan and to address findings or observations from prior JSA and DOE Independent Assessments activities.

For the JSA JLab current Procedures cited above, go to the following Web link: http://www.jlab.org/div_dept/dir_off/oa/assess.html

An updated e-mail will be distributed notifying JLab employees when the final procedure updates have been posted. In the mean time, should you have any questions regarding the JSA-JLab QA/CI Assessment Program, please contact Bob Doane X6380.

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