Emergency Response Takes A Crack At It

Emergency Response Takes A Crack At It

Last Wednesday, April 17 – Friday, April 19, Emergency Response conducted joint training with the Newport News Fire Department. In the training scenario, a delivery driver was delivering chemicals to the cooling tower chemical storage tanks. As the delivery truck approached the tower, it struck another vehicle leaving a gash on the side of truck.

The Jefferson Lab Emergency Response team and the Newport News Fire Department Hazardous Materials team discussing the scenario and how to tackle the chemical leak.


The Hazmat team suited up and began enacting a plan to seal the crack and stop the spill.


The team secures the seal with a ladder patch.


The firefighter held the latter patch against the truck to ensure full coverage of the crack.


Another strap is added to further secure the leak and tighten the seal. Teamwork makes the dream work.


Mission accomplished!