Emergency Response Training Exercises Scheduled for April 17-19 at Jefferson Lab

Newport News Fire Department Station 6 will be at Jefferson Lab next week to conduct emergency response training exercises. The exercises will take place Wednesday, April 17 – Friday, April 19. The exercises will extend from 8:30 a.m. through mid afternoon each day and will take place behind the North Access Building (Bldg. 67) and the Central Utility Plant (Bldg. 60) on the accelerator site. The event will include hands-on exercises involving transportation of chemicals. In an effort to keep the Jefferson Lab community informed and to prevent unnecessary alarm, an overview of the event follows.

Individuals from the Newport News Fire Department will be here all three days to take part in the training. NNFD members will respond to the incident scenario scene to exercise their leak protocol, which includes incident reconnaissance and repair of the leak. NNFD members may be outfitted in special gear for these activities and will be moving around in the general around behind the North Access Building.

Jefferson Lab's Emergency Manager, Tina Menefee, will be monitoring activities throughout. Questions about this training event may be directed to Menefee at menefee@jlab.org.