Employee Promotions

Employee Promotions


In an effort to celebrate our employee success during the past year, I would like to take this opportunity to recognize those employees who were
promoted through the annual review process. They are to be commended for their accomplishments. For an employee to be considered for a promotion the
supervisor had to recommend the individual to the respective Division Head and provide justification. Details on the promotion process are posted on
the HR Website under Appraisal System/Annual Promotion Process.


Employee Promotion Division
Kevin Banks TD II Engineering
Michael Bevins SE III Engineering
Gary Cheng SE II Engineering
Brad Cumbria AC I Engineering
Venkatarao Ganni PSE Engineering
Tommy Hiatt SE III Engineering
Charles Hutton AC I Engineering
Ronald Lassiter AC I Engineering
Joseph Myers SE I Engineering
Sarin Philip SE II Engineering
David Seidman AC II Engineering
Mathew Wright SE II Engineering
Mary Boggs TD II ESH&Q
Robert Danforth TD III ESH&Q
John Jefferson TD III ESH&Q
Tina Menefee TD III ESH&Q
Bert Manzlak SE III ESH&Q
Michael Martin AC II ESH&Q
Rebecca Mosbrucker TD III ESH&Q
Jennifer Williams SE II ESH&Q
Donald Bullard AC I FEL
James Coleman AC II FEL
Carlos Hernandez SS III FEL
Daniel Sexton SE II FEL
Volker Burkert PSS Physics
Luci Collins AS III Physics
Alexandre Deur SS II Physics
Heidi Fansler TD III Physics
Denwood Insley TD II Physics
Mark Jones SS III Physics
David Lawrence SS II Physics
David Meekins SS III Physics
Alexander Stolin SS I Physics
Carl Timmer SS III Physics
Bogdan Wojtsekhowski SSS Physics
Jeffrey Campbell TD II Accelerator
Isadoro Carlino AC II Accelerator
Pavel Chevtsov SS III Accelerator
Harry Fanning AC II Accelerator
Joseph Grames SS III Accelerator
Peter Kneisel PSS Accelerator
Michele Joyce SCS III Accelerator
Kurt Macha AC II Accelerator
Robert Manus AC II Accelerator
Leonard Page TD II Accelerator
Steven Suhring SSE Accelerator
Anne-Marie Valenta-Feliciano SS II Accelerator
Andy Wu SS III Accelerator
Gloria Daniel AS III CFO
Christina Hayes SA III CFO
Carol Kinsey-O'Neal SA II CFO
Tanya Fraites SA I CSO
Kari Heffner SSCS IT
Balint Joo SCS III IT
Andy Kowalski SSCS IT
Brent Morris SCS II IT
Gregory Nowicki SCS II IT
Dennis Merritt ST II Facilities & Logistics
Michael Sprouse AC II Facilities & Logistics
Ed Winslow SE II Facilities & Logistics
David Richards SSS Theory
Christian Weiss SS III Theory

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