Employee Promotions

Employee Promotions

In an effort to celebrate our employee success during the year, I would
like to take this opportunity to recognize all employees who were promoted
through the annual review process. They are to be commended for their
accomplishments. For an employee to be considered for a promotion the
supervisor had to recommend the individual to the respective Division Head
and provide justification. Details on the promotion process are posted on
the HR Website under Appraisal System/Annual Promotion Process.

Please join me in congratulating the following employees on their
recent promotion.

Employee Promotion Division
Joe Beaufait Engineer I Physics
Lorelei Carlson AS III Physics
Eugene Chudakov Scientist III Physics
Jeffrey Ewing TD II Physics
Jill Gram TD II Physics
David Griffith TD III Physics
Rachel Harris AS IV Physics
Jeff Wilson AC II Physics
Elliott Wolin Scientist III Physics
Michelle Brisiel TD II Eng
Kyong Broeker TD III Eng
Peter Francis AC I Eng
James Henry AC II Eng
Gregory Marble AC I Eng
Joseph Meyers TD II Eng
Elliott Smythe TD III Eng
Isaac Snowberg TD III Eng
Scott Thompson AC I Eng
Wally Melnitchouk Scientist III Theory
Pat Stroop SA I Director's Office
Treva Ferguson SA I HR - COO
Carroll Jones Engineer III Facilities Management - COO
Dave Kausch Engineer III Facilities Management - COO
Kelly Krug SA III Project Management - COO
Paul Powers Engineer III Facilities Management - COO
Jan Tyler SA III Science Education - COO
Melissa Torres SA II Procurement - COO
Lyn Wells SSA Project Management - COO
Brian Hess Computer Scientist III CIO
Myung Bang Computer Scientist II CIO
David Sheppard Computer Scientist II CIO
Rolf Ent Senior Scientist 12 GeV
James Clark TD III Accelerator
Kirk Davis Engineer III Accelerator
Pavel Evtushenko Scientist II Accelerator
John Fischer AC II Accelerator
Christiana Grenoble Computer Scientist II Accelerator
Geoffrey Johnston AC I Accelerator
Larry King AC I Accelerator
Pam Kjeldsen Computer Scientist III Accelerator
Mike McCrea TD II Accelerator
Yves Roblin Scientist III Accelerator
Jeff Saunders Engineer III Accelerator
Gayle Sundeen-Coleman   AS IV Accelerator
Michael Tiefenback Senior Scientist Accelerator
Larry Turlington AC II Accelerator
Dennison Turner AC I Accelerator
Kelly Webster SA II Accelerator

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