Energetic, Outgoing Individuals Sought to Join Jefferson Lab Activities Group

The Jefferson Lab Activities Group (JAG) is seeking an infusion of up to three people, new to the lab or not so new, who are eager to bring new ideas and energy to the committee, according to Stephanie Vermeire, JAG chair.

The committee is looking for individuals who are outgoing, enthusiastic and energetic, and can be available to attend planning meetings, and actively participate in planning and preparing for the events that JAG regularly sponsors. These events include the annual spring Run-A-Round and T-shirt contest, the fall festival event, and the Children’s Holiday Party.

“We are always looking for new ideas and suggestions,” says Vermeire. “The committee usually meets three or four times leading up to an event. This time is used to plan the event and to break down the action list among available committee members,” she points out.

"There's a lot of work to be done, from beginning to end, to make these events a success. We know that people enjoy them; attendance at each event averages about 400 people,” she adds. “The work isn't hard. In fact, it's fun!”

Committee members usually oversee specific areas during an event – responsibilities or activities ranging from food preparation to field set up, games and activities, food and beverage service, and clean-up efforts. In these capacities, the committee members ensure that volunteers know what to do, and are available to answer volunteers’ questions during the event.

The next event that JAG will be planning is the Children’s Holiday Party, which will take place on Saturday, Dec. 9.

If you have questions or are interested in becoming a member of the JAG Committee, contact Vermeire at ext. 6930 or email schatzel@jlab.org.

The Jefferson Lab Activities Group (JAG) was formed to enhance employee morale through various recreational, social, and athletic activities. Part of JAG's overall function is to promote and implement new ideas in support of DOE and Jefferson Lab policies. JAG also monitors new and existing recreational programs to ensure benefit to the greatest cross section of the lab community.

With support from Jefferson Lab leadership, the JAG represents the laboratory population and encourages participants from all departments.

The JAG, and its annual, seasonal-themed events, exists to create time for employees, users, students and family members to meet, socialize and establish a camaraderie that's sometimes difficult given the lab's spread out and compartmentalized work groups.

The JAG program is run by a committee of lab staff members, who voluntarily serve one or more terms on the JAG and represent nearly every department at the lab.

Information about the JAG and upcoming JAG-sponsored events is available online at: https://www.jlab.org/jag/.