Excessing Unused JLab Property Goes Electronic

Excessing Unused JLab Property Goes Electronic

All JLab property custodians can now electronically excess (dispose or offer for reutilization) JLab Property! No more filling out paperwork to excess tagged or untagged property and then needing to complete a separate Facilities Management Workorder to arrange for pickup of the item(s).

There are two links for this new service: one for excessing property specifically assigned to you and another link for excessing unassigned administrative property (e.g. not on your personal inventory list). Each property custodian's property list/validation page is available from the Property webpage or your Insight page.

Once you have provided the information on the appropriate page, the system will automatically generate a Facilities Management Work Request to have the item(s) picked up. You will receive a Facilities Services Work Request email assigning a tracking number to the job.

Leave the items in the room specified for pick up. DO NOT place items in hallways or other common areas pending pick-up; it may disappear before someone from Facilities Management arrives. Property custodians may move, transfer or excess items from the Property page: http://www.jlab.org/fm/property/.

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