Expense Report Submittal Reminders

Expense Report Submittal Reminders

The JLab Internal Auditor performed an audit of travel completed between
October 1, 2008 and December 31, 2009. An observation reported in that
audit cited that expense reports were not being submitted in accordance
with Sections 402.02.A and 402.02.B of the Administrative Manual, a
Travel Expense Report must be submitted within 5 working days for
domestic travel and 20 days after the return from foreign travel. The
auditor went on to identify that "A total of 59% of the 68 expense
reports reviewed for conference attendance, were submitted untimely."

In accordance with the recommended audit action, "The CFO will issue
reminders periodically to all staff of the requirement to submit Travel
Expense Reports within 5 working days of domestic travel and within 20
days after returning from foreign travel. Additionally the TA system
currently notifies Travel Coordinators when completed trips have not
been closed within 15, 30, 45, and 60 days of the trip end date."

Notifications will be sent weekly, on Tuesday mornings as follows:

TA preparer 15 -- 30 -- 45 -- 60 -- 90 -- 150 days after trip end date

TA preparer + Preparer's Supervisor 30 - 45 -- 60 -- 90 - 150 days after
trip end date

The e-mail Notice will read:




You are receiving this email because one of your Travel Authorization
records may have an error. Trip #: *xxxxxxxxxx*

Trip Begin Date:
Trip End Date:
Trip Destination:

The error is described as (*EXPENSE_REPORT_xx_DAYS_LATE*).

For help call Carol Kinsey 269-7519.

We automatically check for 12 errors. Please correct these errors.











The traveler has returned from trip but has not filled out and expense
report. This is required!

Submit expense report to finance so they may clear the trip.
Expense Report forms can be obtained through Travel Services, VARC, Rm.
5 or from the person who arranges travel for your department.

Thank you, for helping make the travel data accurate.



To comply with the recommended action on this audit finding, the above
all-staff email will be sent periodically as a reminder of the JLab policy.

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