Experimental Physics Leadership ? a message from Hugh Montgomery

Experimental Physics Leadership ? a message from Hugh

Larry Cardman joined the laboratory 18 years ago. He initially served
as Deputy Associate Director with John Domingo as Associate Director
for Experimental Physics. Larry then assumed the Associate
Directorship in 1995, just as experiments using CEBAF were beginning,
and has served in that role ever since. Under his leadership the
experimental nuclear physics program was established and has grown in
prominence and assumed an essential role in the field. Larry has
requested that he be allowed to step down from the Associate Director
position. To find a replacement we will launch an international
search. To help in that effort we will appoint a search committee
reporting to me that will be constituted of leaders of the field from
both Jefferson Lab and elsewhere. That process will take some time to
establish and conclude. In the meantime Larry has agreed to stay on in
his current role until a clear path to his replacement is established.

Larry has made many contributions to the lab over the years, ranging
from the construction of the first polarized source for CEBAF and the
first high brightness gun for the FEL to overseeing the prioritization
and execution of the nuclear physics experiments. He was a leader in
the effort to define the science of the Upgrade and to present it to
the nuclear physics community. The execution of what we now call "the
6 GeV program" has involved a considerable amount of adjudication on
priorities and running time. Over that period, he has succeeded in
retaining the respect and friendship of the field. We will be making
plans for an appropriate celebration of Larry's achievements, but
meanwhile I hope you will join me in thanking Larry for his efforts on
the community's behalf, and join the laboratory in its effort to
identify the best possible individual to assume this key leadership
role on the Jefferson Lab staff.

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