Extra Hands Needed For Tunnel Housekeeping – Mornings Nov. 18-22

Extra Hands Needed For Tunnel Housekeeping – Mornings Nov. 18-22

Accelerator Operations is starting to prepare for the end of the Long Shutdown and getting ready for CEBAF accelerator commissioning activities. One of the last things to do before commissioning activities get underway will be several days of general housekeeping in the tunnel.

Yes, dusting off components inside the Continuous Electron Beam Accelerator Facility and sweeping the tunnel floor is an important part of keeping CEBAF safe and clean. Extra (volunteer) help will be needed for tunnel housekeeping.

Tunnel housekeeping is being planned to take place Nov. 18-22, from 8:30 - 11:45 a.m. each day.

Anyone that can spare this block of time for one morning or more is asked to contact Harry Fanning, the Accelerator Division safety officer, at fanning@jlab.org or x7619.

If you aren't Radiation Worker and Oxygen Deficiency Hazard trained, you can still sign up and be escorted for the morning. Harry will arrange for your dosimetry and escort.

Everyone participating in this effort must wear flat- or low-heeled, closed-toe shoes, long pants and a short- or long-sleeved shirt. Wear comfortable clothing as it can get warm in the tunnel.

Volunteers with Rad. Worker and ODH training must wear their personal dosimeter.

For staff members that don't normally get into the tunnel, this is a great way to meet JLab colleagues from outside your work area and to learn more about CEBAF.

Pizza lunches will be available for volunteers at the end of the cleanup activities each day.