Federal Budget Rollout: A message from the Lab Director


Today, President Trump released a Budget Blueprint outlining the proposed FY18 federal budget. This will undoubtedly receive considerable attention by the news media, professional organizations, and our colleagues.  I remind you that this is just the opening round of what will likely be an extended discussion with Congress.  

While the Laboratory will not engage in this process directly, you should know that our parent organizations are working with our representatives to make sure the value of the work you do and its importance to our nation and world are given the appropriate visibility to decision makers.     

We will have no public comment on the budget or budget process.  As is our policy, please do not respond to any inquiries from the media directly and instead refer them to our Communications Manager, Lauren Hansen (lhansen@jlab.org, 757-269-7689).

We should continue pushing forward with the discovery mission of the laboratory and not allow external distractions to compromise safety or our excellent track record.

Hugh Montgomery
Jefferson Lab Director