For First Time, Text Alert Over Phones Will be Used to Remind Jefferson Lab Community of Monthly Tornado Warning Siren Test at 10:30 a.m. on Dec. 6

Jefferson Lab's tornado warning siren will undergo its monthly operational test at 10:30 a.m. on Friday, Dec. 6 and, for the first time, every Cisco VoIP phone at the lab will receive and display a tornado siren test text message on the phone’s screen. This will be in addition to the usual Site-Wide Alert (SWA) email and page messages sent on the morning of the test so members of the lab community aren’t caught unaware when the siren sounds.

When the test phone message arrives, the red light on the handset will flicker a couple times and a tone will sound twice. The text message should be visible on the screen at that point. The incoming text message won’t disrupt phone calls.

This alert notification feature is being added to improve communication to indoor work areas.

This capability is now a part of Jefferson Lab’s Site-Wide Alert system, and can be used for tornado and tornado warning advisories as well as for other emergency notification situations.

Depending on weather conditions at the time of the test, the siren may be heard by anyone outdoors within a 1.5-mile radius of the lab.

Don't respond to the siren; this is a test of the siren system and not a personnel response exercise.

The test shouldn't last more than three-minutes.

Anyone in the Central Materials Storage Area (where the siren is located) while the test is taking place must have with them and wear two layers of hearing protection. A sign is posted at the CMSA gate to remind individuals of this requirement.

Jefferson Lab uses the siren to notify members of the lab community to Take Cover; in the event of tornadoes and tornado warnings. It is intended to notify people who are working outdoors.