Follow new procedure when moving hazardous materials at JLab

Follow new procedure when moving hazardous materials at JLab

DOE now requires all of its research laboratories and facilities, including JLab to write its own procedure for transporting Hazardous Materials on site or to follow 49CFR parts 171 to 180. JLab chose to write its own plan which has been approved by DOE; it is Standard Operating Procedure FML-09-001-SOP, Transportation of Hazardous Materials.

Everyone at JLab - staff, users and subcontractors - must follow this SOP any time they are transporting or moving hazardous materials on Jefferson Lab. The SOP specifies maximum quantities allowable per trip, some minor carriage restrictions, and lists a few prohibited items (Hydrofluoric acid, unstable or explosive chemicals, etc.)

The SOP follows closely the Quantity and Material of Trade Exceptions allowed by 49 CFR parts 171-180, according to JLab Property Manager Tom Briggs. While it is very rare that quantities of chemicals being moved around Jefferson Lab would come close to the quantity limits, it is important that everyone handling or moving hazardous materials, including new purchases of chemicals, read and heed the SOP, Briggs notes.

JLab Standard Operating Procedures are posted on Docushare. To access this SOP, go to the JLab ESH&Q webpage and look down the column on the left for Work Control Documents. The Work Control Documents link will take you to all active SOPs.

Use the arrows in the upper right of the grey bar to scroll through the listing to access the new SOP.

A pdf of the SOP is attached to this memo.

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