Foreign Travel Guidance from Office of Science

Foreign Travel Guidance from Office of Science

Your attention is directed to the first page of the attached guidance from Office of Science. All traveler's going abroad and their travel arrangers need to be familiar with the "Official Foreign Travel" Order (DOE Order 551.1B) which is included in the attachment. Briefly, this communication states:

* Granted Country clearance MUST be received before you can begin official foreign travel. (an email will be sent from Travel Services indicating clearance has been granted. DO NOT LEAVE THE LAB WITHOUT IT!)

* Be sure your passport number is correct and that your passport is valid for at least six months beyond the dates of your trip.

* After hours name and number in the country in which travel occurs is required or the country clearance cables can be delayed.

The JSA contract with DOE states the Foreign Travel Management Order will be followed. The Laboratory policy is being updated to state these requirements. Questions can be directed to Carol Kinsey, JLab Foreign Travel Administrator (ext. 7519).

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