Fred Dylla appointed AIP Executive Director and CEO

Fred Dylla appointed AIP Executive Director and CEO

Dear Colleagues:

As some of you already know, Fred Dylla, Associate Director for the FEL and Chief Technology Officer at JLab, has accepted the position of Executive Director and CEO of the American Institute of Physics (AIP). Now that the AIP has made a formal announcement (attached), I can publicly, officially, and on behalf of all of you extend congratulations to Fred for this prestigious appointment.  It is always a loss when a staff member of Fred's stature leaves, but is is also a cause of pride that membership in the JLab leadership team can open doors to even greater professional opportunities. In that sense, this appointment is not only a great honor for Fred but also the Lab. It will give Fred the opportunity to use his talents in statesmanship to advance the cause of the physical sciences on a broad front.

I want to thank Fred for his many contributions to the Lab during his 16-year career here.  I cannot be comprehensive - there will be an occasion  for that later - but I want to highlight  his leadership during the crucial days of CEBAF construction when cryomodule assembly proceeded like clockwork - two modules every month for two years, his leadership in creating the FEL, shaping the FEL team and growing it into today's FEL Division. Fred was instrumental and central to our technology transfer effort and he was one of the Lab's most eloquent and effective spokespersons and represented us well to a broad range of stakeholders, at the local, state, and national level.

Please join me in wishing Fred well in his new career guiding the American Institute of Physics and serving the 134,000 members represented by AIP.

Christoph Leemann

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