FY 2009 Budget Data

FY 2009 Budget Data

I wanted to let you know what the recently rolled out budget request
means for JLab. I attach a href="FY2009CongressionalBudgetJLAB.html">document that shows all DOE funding as
appropriated by Congress in FY 07, FY 08, and most importantly as
requested by the Administration for FY 09. The total requested DOE funding
for FY 2009 is $ 125.8 M, an increase of 28.8 % over the current funding
level of $ 97.6 M. Nuclear Physics funding makes up most of this amount at
$ 117.1 M including $ 28.6 M to continue the 12 GeV Upgrade; $ 3.7 M are
for infrastructure improvement, i.e. the start of the $ 72 M TEDF
project; $ 2.4 M are for high energy physics funded accelerator R&D; $
0.60 M for biological research, essentially the medical imaging program; $
0.45 M for the education program; and $ 0.10 M for advanced computing.

The attached document allows you to compare these amounts with the current
and previous year.

I want to point out a few things. First, this requested increase is the
largest percentage increase for any of the ten laboratories in the Office
of Science, and second, the 12 GeV Upgrade is funded at the expected level
that will allow awarding a significant number of procurements and solidly
starting actual construction.

I fully realize that these numbers must be appropriated by Congress first
before they become our actual budget. They are very important however, in
that they demonstrate that the Lab has a bright future that is fully
supported by the DOE. We can and should all take encouragement from those
facts as we go about doing our work.

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