FY2014 Approved Purchase Req. Submittal Deadlines

FY2014 Approved Purchase Req. Submittal Deadlines

All Staff:

The schedule for submittal of approved purchase requisitions, to the Jefferson Lab Procurement Department, for standard requirements that will enhance the likelihood of commitment of FY 2014 funds, is listed below. The Procurement Department cannot pledge that purchase requisitions received after these dates will be obligated by Tuesday, Sept. 30, 2014.

  • Purchase actions equal to or under $150,000: Sept. 5 (a Friday).
  • Commercial off-the-shelf items exceeding $150,000: Aug. 22 (a Friday).
  • Non-commercial Supply, Services and Construction exceeding $150,000: Aug. 1 (a Friday).
  • All services greater than $2500 and construction greater than $2000 and less than $150,000: Aug. 15 (a Friday).
  • For other requirements exceeding $150,000 contact Procurement Representative Danny Lloyd, ext. 7121 or Teresa Danforth, ext. 7364.

As indicated, these are procurement cycle times for standard requirements and do not cover complex source selections or problems that may arise during the procurement process such as vendor mistakes, protests, postponements, etc. Vendor delivery times (performance period) for receipt of supplies or services are in addition to these times.

If you have special needs or questions concerning a particular procurement requirement, please contact Lynn McKnight at ext.7603 or the above named personnel.