Good Morning from Mont

Good Morning from Mont

Dear Colleagues:

Good Morning.

It is a little less than a week since I signed a contract to be the next Director of Jlab.

We are looking for a date in the very near future when I can come to Jlab and meet you all. Meanwhile, I want
to say a few things:

First: I would prefer to be addressed as Mont.

My e-mail address is

Second: In the many messages I have received, and the conversations I have had, there is a consistent theme, to whit
"Jlab has a great set of people, they are a great team!"

Third: You will need to teach me a lot; my intent is to start by listening, to employees, to users, to management,
to the community, to the people at JSA from SURA and CSC, and to the DOE.

Fourth: I am extremely excited by this opportunity and am looking forward to working with you and for you.



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