Group Life Insurance Dependents/Beneficiary Information - a message from Jim Stroud

As we communicated during our recent Benefits Open Enrollment, we have changed administrators of our Group Life Insurance from Cigna to MetLife effective April 1, 2006. In addition to changing administrators, another change is that all beneficiary information will be maintained by the Lab and provided to the insurance company as needed.

In that this information has not been collectively updated in several years and in an effort to ensure that MetLife has information that accurately reflects the intent of our staff for this benefit distribution, we are asking that each employee check their beneficiary information and make any need changes. The attached website should be be used to verify this information and make changes as necessary.  Instructions are included on the first page.

Benefit/Dependent URL:

Should you have any questions or need assistance in updating your beneficiary  profile, please contact:

Julie Maschke (Accelerator)  ext. 5989
Yvonne Cutler (CSO, CIO, CFO, Admin, Physics, EH&S, Dir Off) ext 7128

Alternate Contacts:

Doug Roeder   ext 7576
Cheryl Miles    ext. 5959
Nina Farrish     ext. 7068

Tech Contact:

Ken Johnson    ext. 5552

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