Guidance for Staff & Users Taking Hall D Tour on Jan. 11

Guidance for Staff & Users Taking Hall D Tour on Jan. 11

Jefferson Lab staff and users are invited to take a self-paced tour of the new Hall D Counting House and Experimental Hall on Wed., Jan. 11, any time between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. This complex is an important part of the lab's 12 GeV Upgrade project.


  • Use your JLab ID badge to access the Accelerator Site either on foot or by vehicle.
  • Lab staff members that don't have access to the Accelerator Site must be escorted and transported by Public Affairs.
  • Follow the directions on the map, and those provided by special event signs, markers or volunteers.
    • Park in areas highlighted on the map.
    • Walk down Bethe Road.
    • Enter at the Hall D Counting House front door.
    • Depart by exiting the Hall D Truck Ramp. Follow the road on your left as you leave the truck ramp; walk by the Counting House entrance and back down Bethe Drive to return to your vehicle.

- Wear closed-toe shoes! Be prepared for some uneven ground and stairs.
- Cameras are welcome.
- Personal dosimeters are NOT needed.
- Restroom facilities are available in the Hall D Counting House.
- Don’t touch anything unless a tour scientist/engineer/technologist tells you it is OK.
- Don't take any items, materials or components from the area.
- Your personal cell phone may not be able to receive a signal while you are in Hall D.
- Volunteers will be available in case you have questions.

- Once inside, take a moment to orient yourself and determine the nearest emergency exits.
- You will tour the Hall D Counting House first.  Then you will access Hall D by walking down a well-lit concrete stairway about three flights.  Please take your time and use the handrail.
- The Hall D floor is smooth concrete, but there are areas where you may need to step up, down, or around components or special displays.  Please watch your footing.
- If you are not familiar with the Accelerator Site, it is suggested that you don't go into any other buildings or facilities on the Accelerator Site without a knowledgeable escort. Should you enter another work area while you are on the Accelerator Site, please carefully read all entry-way postings to ensure that you have the training to enter that area and that you are aware of hazards associated with that area.
- If you should need assistance, please call the Accelerator Site entry point (Guard Post #2) at ext. 4444 or 269-4444. To report an emergency, please call 911 first and then call the Guard Post.
- After being in an industrial type of work area like Hall D, please wash your hands with soap and water before eating, drinking, taking medications or smoking. It is a good industrial hygiene safety step.

Normal training requirements for access to Hall D are being waived for staff and users attending this Hall D open house. If you should need to visit Hall D at any other time, you must complete all required Hall D-specific training, wear all required Personal Protective Equipment and get permission from Hall D Technical Coordinator, Tom Carstens.


Attendees will be able to see the assembled sections of the refurbished Hall D solenoid magnet. This schematic shows a cut-away of what the completed assembly will look like.






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