Hall C Event

On Friday afternoon, April 6, 2007 a RadCon technologist (RCT) in Hall C noticed a section of large diameter beamline stored in the hall. The beampipe had visual signs of potential radioactive contamination. Smears were made to measure any surface contamination. Initial portable instrument results noted that the beampipe exterior was contaminated above permissible levels. No radioactive contamination was noted on any personnel or in any areas other than the beamline exterior. RadCon and Hall C supervision were notified of the discovery. RadCon staff made additional measurements on April 9 and these confirmed that the beampipe surface contamination exceeded DOE guidelines. An investigation team is currently doing an event follow-up. The event is reportable to the DOE as the contamination levels exceeded permissible limits. The event investigation report will be posted shortly at http://www.jlab.org/div_dept/dir_off/oa/notable/index.html

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