Hall D and Accelerator Service Buildings Radiological Status Change

Hall D and Accelerator Service Buildings Radiological Status Changes 

Please note that the radiological status of Hall D has changed. The hall is now posted as a Radiologically Controlled Area (RCA) and Radioactive Materials Area (RMA). For unescorted access to the area, personnel must have Radiation Worker training, must have read and signed the General Access RWP, and must be wearing their dosimeter.
In addition, within the next week to 10 days, radiological postings and controls on the accelerator service buildings for the linacs, arcs and beam switchyard (BSY) will be returned to the configuration established during the last run period. All service buildings will be posted as RCAs at all times. When the CEBAF accelerator is in beam permit, the posting levels will be raised to Radiation Area, and supplemental dosimetry will be required. As before, certain service buildings will be locked and access to these areas will be RWP controlled.
Please consult the Radiation Control Department for more information, at 876-1743.