Heed New Traffic Pattern on Hogan Drive: Change Effective Saturday

On Saturday, April 15 the contractor that is expanding Hogan Drive - adjacent to Jefferson Lab - plans to close what we know to be Hogan Drive and will open the newly constructed south section of the road. The south section will service both incoming and outbound traffic until the north section of the road is built.

It is extremely important that you adhere to the posted 25 mph speed limit due to the ongoing construction, the change in traffic pattern and the fact that the school buses and Newport News employees will need to cross the road to gain access to the SCOT complex.

NOTE: The Jefferson Lab entrance/exit at Hofstadter Road from Hogan Drive will remain closed indefinitely.

If you have questions concerning this change in traffic pattern, contact Bob Sperlazza, Facilities Management and Logistics, at 269-6241.