Heed Work Safety Signs, Cones, Stanchions in the Test Lab High Bay

Heed Work Safety Signs, Cones, Stanchions in the Test Lab High Bay

To meet the needs of work underway in the Test Lab High Bay, the area has become very dynamic and congested. The walking paths and boundaries of radiologically controlled areas (RCAs)/radioactive material areas (RMA) may shift or change dramatically from day-to-day or even from morning-to-afternoon. Crane operations (to move equipment across the High Bay area) and alignment work (using lasers) have become regular activities. For everyone’s safety, this means all staff, Users and visitors must be observant and heed all signage and postings. In particular:

  • Watch for footpaths closed for crane operations and detour when necessary.
  • Watch for “Lasers in Use” warnings around Alignment work.
  • Make sure to stay out of the permanent and temporary RCAs in the Test Lab unless you need to be in them, have current RadWorker  I training, and are wearing your personal dosimeter.

Read on for more information about the work and how it can affect access …

Please pay particular attention to the temporary stanchions and cones put in place to block footpaths during overhead crane and alignment operations. If your usual pathway is temporarily blocked, use an alternate path, exit the building and walk around, or wait until the work is completed and the path re-opens. Understand that some of this work will take extended periods of time, such as lifts to move a completed LCLS II cryomodule into and out of the Test Cave.

There are currently two LCLS-II vacuum jackets (cryomodule outer casings) sitting on the High Bay floor undergoing assembly, and there are a couple of CEBAF C50 cryomodules undergoing disassembly for refurbishment. RCAs/RMAs must be set up around the C50 cryomodules. These areas will move with these cryomodules; and a portion of the welding area near the Test Cave has been posted. Personal dosimetry must be worn in all posted RCAs.