How to Get a Permit Before Digging, Excavating or Making Floor/Wall Penetrations at JLab

Jefferson Lab has extensive buried utilities. Many buildings also have electrical conduit, piping, and data and communication cables within walls and embedded in floor slabs. If you have work that requires digging or drilling into soil or making a blind penetration into walls or floors with tools or fasteners you should attend a special presentation on May 5.

In preparation for the Six-Month Shutdown, Facilities Management and Logistics will be presenting an overview of the JLab Digging, Excavating, and Floor/Wall Penetration Permitting Process. The presentation will cover:
- The step-by-step process required to complete a request;
- Where to find the permit documentation; and
- The limited exceptions as to when permits are not required.

The presentation will be held in the CEBAF auditorium on Thursday, May 5, from 1:30 p.m. – 2 p.m.
Identifying circuits and other utilities before work can save your life and prevent expensive damage. Never assume a circuit, conduit, pipe, or other utility device is "dead" until that has been verified by a qualified person. Never assume that you will not encounter buried utilities when you dig.

Anyone with questions about the session may contact Bob Sperlazza via email at:

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