HSS Inspection - Congratulations

HSS Inspection - Congratulations

Dear Coworkers,

I am pleased to pass on to you the preliminary results of our Integrated Safety Management review that were
presented yesterday afternoon by the HSS team. The team spent the last two weeks observing all aspects of our work and
reviewing our procedures. They were very complimentary of our work planning and control, and saw knowledgeable,
professional employees working safely. I could not have asked for a better report card. I know the burden that was
placed on all to prepare for this assessment. Your hard work was evident everywhere. I thank you for that. The team
did identify two areas where we need some more work, those being management of our material handling equipment, and our
assessments and issues management processes and procedures. We will address these areas the same way we approached
our preparation for the Integrated Safety Management review - as a team.

Our next challenge is to maintain our forward momentum by building upon our successes so that we continue to enjoy a
safe and productive work environment for our employees our users, and our subcontractors.

My sincere congratulations and thanks to all,


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