Hurricane Sandy Prep. Activities Proceed

Hurricane Sandy Prep. Activities Proceed

Posted Oct. 25, 2012


Members of Jefferson Lab's leadership and Emergency Management Team met today regarding the possible impact of Hurricane Sandy. The storm may impact the Hampton Roads Area on Sunday and Monday, with possibly heavy wind and rain conditions and tidal flooding.

Jefferson Lab's status remains Hurricane Preparedness Condition 2 (HPC-2), but all are now instructed to carry out the additional requirements for HPC-3 (up to, but not closing). At this time, the lab expects to remain open. You will be notified if the lab is to close.

Hurricane preparedness information is available at:

Supervisors and SOTRs with on-site subcontractors:
- Continue securing your operations and equipment.
- Make sure key personnel or designees will be available, should they be needed.

Hurricane Wardens:
- Continue with your area's HPC-2 activities and carry out any additional work outlined for HPC-3 (Checklists at:

In addition, everyone is asked:

- To clean up debris in outdoor work and equipment laydown and storage areas, and to identify materials and equipment that may need to be secured or brought indoors.

- To perform backups of your personal computer systems and other electronic systems as necessary.

- Before you leave for the weekend, turn off all desktop computers and associated UPS (uninterruptible power supply) devices in your office or work area. (The IT Division plans to leave the core network and central systems online.)

The most current outlook on Hurricane Sandy is posted on the National Hurricane Center webpage at:

This is a good time to make sure your home/family's emergency plan and kit are in good shape. Check the Virginia Department of Emergency Management website for information:

If you need specific information or clarification regarding lab hurricane checklist and preparedness measures, contact Tina Menefee, Jefferson Lab's Emergency Manager ( x5490).

The Emergency Management Team will meet on Friday; and an updated message will be sent out afterward.

Mary Logue
Operations Manager


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