Important Changes in Radiological Status of Hall B

Important Changes in Radiological Status of Hall B

Please note that the radiological posting level of Hall B will be changing today, August 22, 2012. The hall is currently posted as a Radiologically Controlled Area (RCA) and Radioactive Material Area (RMA). Due to the RCA, the current requirement for unescorted entry is Radiation Worker-I training and a dosimeter. By close of business today, the status will be down-posted to remove the RCA designation for the general area of the hall.

The hall will remain posted as an RMA. The training requirement for unescorted entry will change to GERT (General Employee Radiological Training) (same as unescorted access to Jefferson Lab's accelerator site). Personnel dosimetry will not be required in the general areas of Hall B. Some isolated areas within the hall will remain posted as RCAs, so please be watchful of postings as conditions are subject to change. The beam tunnels leading into the hall and downstream to the beam dump will also remain posted as RCAs.

Several radiological requirements remain in place in the hall. As a radioactive materials area, the hall may contain low-level radioactive material, and may house radioactive material storage cabinets and other containers. Any items stored in such a container or tagged as radioactive material are not to be handled by non-radiation workers. In addition, all materials that were present in the hall during experimental operations must be cleared for removal by qualified Radiation Control (RadCon) staff.

To contact RadCon for clearance of material or for any questions about this change, please call the RadCon duty phone, at 757-876-1743.

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