Important Message Regarding Permanent Traffic Flow Change to Lawrence Drive at Hogan Drive: Part of Lawrence Drive Becomes One-Way Only

Jefferson Lab and the School Bus Depot will be sharing the Hogan Drive entrance with the new Tech Center at Oyster Point Market Place development that is currently being constructed between Hogan Drive and Oyster Point Road. To accommodate this additional traffic on Hogan Drive, the developer is going to add a new entry and exit turn lane, as well as a road divider on Hogan Drive. These changes make it necessary to convert the north end of Lawrence Drive to a one-way street.

The one-way street will start at the intersection of Lawrence Drive and Hofstadter Road and will continue to Hogan Drive. Those traveling north on Lawrence Drive will be required to turn onto Hofstadter Road to exit the lab. The use of Hofstadter Road will also be required when leaving the Applied Research Center and Support Services Center parking lots if you wish to exit the lab using Hogan Drive.

The one-way conversion of Lawrence Drive will occur on June 15. Awareness signs have been posted around the affected area to provide proper notification of the change.