Important Notice: Hall A Worker Safety Awareness Training (SAF110) Updated

Important Notice: Hall A Worker Safety Awareness Training (SAF110) Updated

Hall A is the first hall scheduled to receive beam in the new 12 GeV era at Jefferson Lab. In preparation for the restart of activities in the hall, the documentation and training required to conduct research, work, or simply have unescorted access to the hall has been revised.

Specifically, the Hall A Worker Safety Awareness Training (SAF110) has been updated to emphasize the fact that the experimental hall configuration is dynamic, and the specific hall configuration may change. Hence, the locations of risks and hazards in the hall can also change.

We have offered the new SAF110 training since Dec. 16, 2013, and some 150 people have taken the updated training. Instructions to acquire the new SAF110 skill can be found on the lab's Web-Based Training page:

The previous version of this training will cease to be valid on Saturday, Feb. 22. If you will require access to Hall A in the future, please take the new training soon and schedule your walkthrough. Don't allow the expired training to impact your access to the hall.

Thank you for your attention to this important safety matter.

Patrizia Rossi
Deputy Associate Director and Division Safety Officer for Physics


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