Individuals May Now Get JLab Property Passes Online

Individuals May Now Get JLab Property Passes Online

From time to time Jefferson Lab equipment and property must be taken offsite for official business. But before those items or pieces of equipment can be taken off JLab property the person taking the items must get a valid JLab Property Pass.

Effective immediately, individuals needing a Property Pass may fill out and submit their Property Pass Applications online.

JLab's IT Division has developed an online form that requires electronic signatures so the Property Pass requester no longer has to collect signatures on a piece of paper.

Remember, prior to taking any JLab property – including laptops, computers or monitors – offsite for JLab business or work, you must have completed and submitted a Property Pass Application for it and obtained the signature of a Property office staff member. Please refer any questions or concerns to Property Coordinator Lamont Williams, x6270; Property Manager Carl Iannacone, x5430; Tony Lumanog, x7688; or TJ Sessoms, x7348.

Instructions for the Online Property Pass Application

  1. Log into this link:
  2. Click on "Property passes".
  3. In column on the left, click on "Create New" and the Property Pass Application form will appear.
  4. Enter the reason for taking property offsite in the block marked "Purpose".
  5. For the blocks marked "Date(s) Property Off-Site", click on the blank Date(s) boxes to pull up floating calendars. Use your mouse to select and click on the appropriate beginning date; then open the end date calendar to select the return date.
  6. Enter the location where the property will be taken in the block marked "Location".
  7. Enter the Property Tag number(s) (no dashes -), Item Description of the item(s) (for example: Laptop Computer Dell Precision M4500, Computer Desktop Optiplex 960, or Monitor ViewSonic), and the Serial Number, if available (no dashes -).
  8. When the form is complete, click on the "Submit" button in the lower left of the page. Note the list of Authorized Signers (at the bottom of the page) who will need to approve your Property Pass application; let them know that your application will need their approval.
  9. If the person applying for the Property Pass isn't the custodian of the item, the form will need to be "approved" or signed by the custodian.  Then the form will be routed to the applicant's supervisor for signature approval, followed by the Property office for signature approval.
  10. Once a Property office staff member has approved (final approval step) the applicant may click on Print from the menu in the column on the left side of the page. Remember to keep the signed pass with the equipment while it is offsite as it provides authorization documentation.
  11. When done with the online form, always logout by clicking on the "logout" button in the upper right corner.
  12. When in the Property Pass Application system you can access your applications and check the status of your applications by clicking on the My Forms menu choice on the left.

Custodian/Supervisor Approval Process

1. Log into this link:
2. From the Status box in the middle of the page, select ANY. Then click on the Search button in the lower left. A screen will come up showing a list of all open applications. Open the ones you need to Sign/Approve.

3. Click on the Sign button next to your name and then click on the Submit button.

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