Information about Safety Footwear

Information about Safety Footwear

People are more inclined to wear protective equipment if it is comfortable and suited to their work. There have been a number of questions recently about the selection and fit of safety footwear at JLab. Here is some information you may find useful. Jefferson Lab has a new safety shoe (and boot) vendor, Veterans. Shoes. He is eager to meet the needs of JLab staff. He recognizes that a couple of minutes of limited walking aren.t always adequate to verify that shoes or boots will be comfortable in actual use. Because of that, you have some new options for ensuring you get comfortable, well-fitting footwear.

* You may take the prospective shoes inside the ARC Building or to the VARC Building (the vendor parks at the ARC loading dock), put them on, and get as much walking time on the carpeted floors as you need to evaluate fit and comfort during the time the vendor is on site . typically from 2:00 until 4:00 pm.

* You may take them home and wear them on carpeted floors for an extended period. You may bring them back if you are not satisfied . as long as the shoe soles are not marred (i.e. by concrete, grass, dirt, etc.). If you cannot find a properly fitting shoe from the vendor.s inventory, you have some options.

* If you have a foot condition that necessitates a special shoe, ask your podiatrist or physician for a written instruction for the shoe type or feature you need. If our vendor cannot obtain the correct shoe, a Purchase Request may be submitted for another source for your footwear.

* You may consult with Dr. Chandler, the JLab Medical Director, about your condition and footwear needs.

For more information regarding safety shes and general footwear, please see


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