Instructions to Determine JLab Status

Instructions to Determine JLab Status

Below are listed the ways Jefferson Lab staff, users and subcontractors can get current information on the lab's status.

- Call the main telephone number, 757-269-7100, or the JLab Status Line, 757-234-6236.

- Visit the main webpage and look for a banner message indicating the lab's status:

- Visit the JLab status webpage (

- Staff: Check your home phone (listed in the Employee Self Service System) voice mail for a pre-recorded lab status message.

- If feasible, access your JLab email account; look for a Site Wide Alert message. If you have a JLab pager/cell phone, check it.

- Social Media: Check JLab's Facebook page:
or the lab's Twitter feed:

- JLab closing or delay information is also given to the local, network TV stations - WTKR Ch. 3 (CBS), WAVY Ch. 10 (NBC) and WVEC Ch. 13 (ABC) - and local radio stations; but the lab cannot guarantee that the information will be posted or reported accurately or updated.

- If after checking these sources, you are still uncertain about going to work or you feel it would be unsafe for you to be on the road, contact your supervisor.

- If an extreme weather event disrupts electrical power at JLab, knocking out these notification systems, visit JLab's back up Emergency Status web site at:

During Lab Closure, Only Essential Personnel Allowed
If your associate director or department head has designated you as being an Essential Employee for a weather-related event, be alert for special instructions that would affect you.

All others - employees, users, students and subcontractors - are subject to closure status instructions and should not report to JLab before the time specified. In these cases, JLab's security service is under instructions to advise all but previously designated essential staff that the lab is closed.

Taking Emergency Leave
The lab's Administrative Manual (Section 207.08.C.2 Public Emergency Leave: Weather) contains the policy regarding taking leave due to a weather emergency. An excerpt from the section states: Employees may make a personal decision considering safety first on when to come to or leave work during a weather emergency. These decisions should be based on an employee's judgment regarding their ability to get to or from work safely (i.e. road conditions).

Employees who, on their own, decide that weather conditions preclude their attendance, require a later arrival time or an earlier departure may take vacation leave (or leave without pay if no vacation accrual is available) as long as it is coordinated with their supervisor." Staff members are encouraged to read Section 207.08.C.2 of the Admin Manual in advance of winter or other severe weather situations at:

You may want to print out this message for future reference.

Please be safe and we will see you after the storm.

Mary Logue
Operations Manager


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