International Flight Travel Update

Important Travel Update Pertaining to Booking International Flights

Due to the changes in the airline descriptions for basic economy fares, international flights must be booked directly via Omega World Travel instead of booking them through the online Concur system. Unfortunately, the new dual fare option in Concur is taxing on the traveler/coordinator to ensure the ticket is inline with Jefferson Lab's policy. To avoid purchasing restricted tickets, contact Omega directly to book the flight at 1-888-527-1279 or In Concur, traveler/coordinator will have the option to “View Only” airfares to help determine flight selection. Please note that the lowest fare does not mean it is within policy. We are working with Concur to resolve the dual fare issue. As a reminder, all airline tickets must be purchased through the Lab’s travel agency. Tickets purchased outside the approved channel may not be fully reimbursed.  Our goal is to have all travel reservations made within guidelines and at the best rates available. If you have any questions, please contact travel services at or ext.7437.