Invalid Excuses for Losing JLab Property

Invalid Excuses for Losing JLab Property

The two most common excuses for losing property at JLab are:

1. The Property Office picked it up and disposed of it, and

2. It was old and got cannibalized.

Neither is a valid excuse. Long gone are the days of "excess property round-ups" where Property staff would drop by and tote off your unwanted items without a disposal request. The last property round up was held nearly four years ago. Also gone are the days of processing reams of paper disposal requests. The excess property disposal request system was converted to a web-based process over a year ago. This new system creates an electronic record of every disposal request from the initial request through final disposal. Submit an excess property disposal request by using the following link:

If the disposal request is submitted by someone on behalf of the property custodian, this link sends an email alert to the custodian. This link also automatically generates a Maximo work order to have the item picked up for disposal. Property staff will not pick up items for disposal unless the request is made via this web page.

As for "cannibalizing" – Jefferson Lab Policy is that NO property may be dismantled (cannibalized) without the property custodian notifying the Jefferson Lab Property Office in writing in advance.  At that point the Property Office will work with the custodian to retire the item.  Please keep in mind that the Department of Energy does not depreciate the value of property; everything is carried in the books at its original acquisition cost. Your 10-year-old "junk" Pentium-3 machine goes down as a $3,400 lost item if its whereabouts is lost because it was cannibalized. The custodian remains responsible until the item is retired or excessed.

Refer to Section 5.2 Dismantlement of Property of the JLab Property Manual for more information on the procedure for dismantling or cannibalizing property.

We must follow property policy and procedures to ensure accountability for the equipment and material that we purchase with DOE funding.

If you have concerns or questions, please refer to the JLab Property Manual or contact the Property Office at extensions 7348 or 6270.

Thank you for your attention to this important matter.

Tom Briggs
JLab Property Officer

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