JAG ‘wraps’ up 2016 holiday events announcing Door Decorating Contest winners

JAG ‘wraps’ up 2016 holiday events announcing Door Decorating Contest winners

On Dec. 19, a team of Jefferson Lab Activities Group (JAG) judges viewed the entries for the 2016 Holiday Door and Cubicle Decorating Contest. The results are in and the winning entries were:
Josh Cameron, Staff Services
CEBAF Center L117 (Staff Services)

Most Original:
Jodi Patient, Physics Division
CEBAF Center Front Desk

Best Overall:
Kay Lewis, Chief Financial Officer Division
Building 28 (SSC), Office 9B

There were eight entries this year.  The JAG Committee extends a “Thank you!” to everyone who participated. Pictures of all the entries are posted on the JAG Webpage: https://www.jlab.org/jag/index.php

Other entries were prepared by:
1. David Chopard, Joanna Griffin, Shannon West, Chief Operating Officer Division – Public Affairs
2. Linda Ceraul, Physics Division
3. Megan Salvador, Accelerator Division
4. Lorelei Chopard, Physics Division
5. Marie Burrell, COO Division – Human Resources

According to Josh Cameron, the most difficult part of the Staff Services’ PAC-MAN Holiday display was getting the red "dots" (pom poms) to stick. “We had to make many ‘repairs’ over the first day – to get them to stay in place until the adhesive dried.”

Of her entry, “A Barbie Holiday: If you dream it, you can be it!" at the CEBAF Center reception desk, Jodi Patient said, “I read that Barbie has had more than 150 careers, including model, ballerina, flight attendant, pilot, nurse, veterinarian, surgeon, NASCAR driver, rock star, aerobics instructor, police officer, presidential candidate, astronaut and entrepreneur. As an astronaut, she went to the moon four years before Neil Armstrong!” A large number of these careers were represented in the ornaments on the Barbie trees.  Jodi built one of the display trees out of a mannequin, wreaths and garland.

“Our ladies of science inspired me,” Jodi said.

The theme for Kay Lewis’ submission was “Christmas Memories”.  She decorated her entire office with handmade construction-paper chains, pine cones dipped in glitter, and pictures of all things Christmas from the 60's & 70's – Christmas trees covered in nothing but tons of tinsel, cartoons and toys that she or family members had growing up – like the Slinky, Spirograph, Barrel of Monkeys, Battleship, Jacks and Lincoln Logs. (“I didn’t dip the pine cones in glitter; didn’t want to get that all over the office,” she shared.)

She even made a Christmas tree out of Old Maid and Go Fish cards. A wooden sign was prominently displayed that read "All Roads Lead Home at Christmas".

“I decorated my office with memories of my mom,” Kay said. “She passed away during Christmas 2012. This was the first Christmas since then that I decorated. And still, decorating my office was very emotional. My family and I miss her terribly.

“My mom and dad were both children of coal miners in eastern Kentucky,” Kay continued, “and both grew up with absolutely nothing but the bare essentials. When we were kids we didn't have much, but mom and dad always made sure us kids had fun. We hand made most of our decorations for any holiday. Their up bringing had a lot to do with how we celebrated the holidays.”

The winners received canisters of assorted chocolate-covered nuts.