Jan. 11-12 Workshop at Catholic University of America Targets Commercial Opportunities for JLab Nuclear Physics Detector Technologies

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Jan. 11-12 Workshop at Catholic University of America

January 11-12 the Catholic University of America (CUA), Washington, D.C., will be the site of a tech transfer workshop aimed at bringing together universities and business communities interested in identifying, advancing and pursuing commercial opportunities for nuclear physics detector technologies coming out of Jefferson Lab.  Opportunities include advances in various nuclear imaging capabilities that could be applied to medical/biological and materials research and applications as well as novel uses.

An example of the potential of such partnerships includes the laser companies that have grown up around the polarized helium-3 target development – a nuclear physics particle detection capability now being advanced for enhanced medical imaging purposes.

This workshop is being co-sponsored by CUA and Jefferson Lab, with funding also coming from the Jefferson Science Associates Initiatives Fund.  Registration and program information is available online at: https://www.jlab.org/conferences/techtransfer2018/.