Jefferson Lab: Ent Named Acting AD for Experimental Nuclear Physics

Sent on behalf of Jefferson Lab Director Hugh Montgomery:

Dear Colleague,

Approaching nine months ago, Larry Cardman asked to step down from his position as Associate Director for Experimental Nuclear Physics. A search was initiated for a successor to Larry and also successors to Dennis Skopik and to Kees de Jager, who have signaled their imminent retirement. This search is in progress but has not been completed. We have, therefore, decided to appoint Rolf Ent as Acting Associate Director for Experimental Nuclear Physics. The formal change will take place on Feb. 7. Both Larry and Dennis have, not surprisingly, made clear their intent to work with Rolf to make the transition a success.

At this time, we would like to recognize the enormous contributions made by Dennis and Larry, the latter for about 15 years, in shaping, guiding and executing the physics course of the laboratory. We have agreed with the Chair of the UGBOD to hold a celebration of these achievements at the time of the Users Meeting in June 2011.

Please join us in lending support and wishing luck to Rolf Ent as he takes on this considerable challenge.

With best regards,

Hugh Montgomery

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