Jefferson Lab Laboratory Directed Research & Development

Message from Hugh Montgomery: Jefferson Lab Laboratory Directed Research & Development (LDRD)


This year marks the start of the fourth year of Jefferson Lab’s LDRD program.  It also marks the completion of a project begun in FY2015.  There continues to be strong interest in LDRD as this year’s submissions included six new proposals and a request for the continuation/conclusion of two projects that were initiated last October and anticipated continuation into FY2017.  The review process has been completed and proposals to be funded have been selected.

The eight proposals for FY2017 were reviewed by the JLab LDRD Project Review team supplemented as appropriate by subject matter experts.  In some cases, the Project Review Team sought advice from people outside the laboratory.  Verbal presentations of the proposals were made and the committee discussed at length the merits of each proposal.  In reviewing the projects, the team considered each project’s potential impact on the lab, the likelihood that it would achieve its goals, its prospects for attracting future funding, its strategic value to the lab, and its level of innovation.  The “continuation” proposals (both for projects started in FY2016) were treated on equal footing with the proposals for new projects.  Ultimately of the eight proposals considered, the selection committee classified two proposals as outstanding, two as excellent, three as good, and one as not suitable for LDRD funding.  

We have decided to fund both the two proposals that were judged to be outstanding and the two proposals judged to be excellent.  Included in that group are two projects that began last year on JLEIC issues:  one on accelerator physics issues and one on the science driving JLEIC.  In addition, there are two new projects, one focused on experimental physics issues associated with JLEIC and one on accelerator physics issues.  The total funding for the four projects essentially exhausts the funds available for LDRD in FY2017, but the implications for next year are lower;  the three projects that plan to continue into FY2018 would use a bit more than half the LDRD funding anticipated to be available in FY2018.  This will allow us to have a robust LDRD program with new projects within the total funding envelope for the program. 

The proposals we will fund this year are:

Proposal #

Submitted By


Continuation of Projects Begun in FY16


Riad Suleiman and Matt Poelker

Generation and Characterization of Magnetized Bunched Electron Beam from DC Photogun for MEIC Cooler (Revised)


Christian Weiss

Nuclear gluons with charm at EIC

New Projects to be Started in FY17 


Markus Diefenthaler

Phenomenological Study of Hadronization in Nuclear and High-Energy Physics Experiments


Pawel Nadel-Turonski

Geometry Tagging for Heavy Ions at JLEIC

In sum, we are delighted with the progress that was made on the LDRD projects over the last three years, and look forward with great interest to the results of all four of the FY2017 projects and the boost they will give to long-term strategic directions of the laboratory.  We would also like to express our appreciation to all the proponents and those who helped them with the proposals.

- Mont