Jefferson Lab: New Security Signs Installed

Jefferson Lab: New Security Signs Installed

Jefferson Lab has installed new security signs to replace outdated signs at entrances to the lab and CEBAF Center.

The new signs meet Department of Energy requirements and, like the old signs, inform people about the items that are prohibited at Jefferson Lab by federal law.

These items include explosives, dangerous weapons, firearms, instruments or materials likely to produce substantial injury or damage, controlled substances and other items prohibited by federal law.

Additionally, the new signs provide notice to all individuals that while at the lab their vehicles and their hand-carried items are subject to video monitoring and inspection.

The signs are an important reminder to all staff, users, visitors and others that possession of any prohibited item on Jefferson Lab property can result in termination for employees, a fine and/or imprisonment up to five years.

The safety of all individuals is the lab’s highest priority. Please heed the warnings on these signs.

If you have any questions about prohibited items or other security issues, please contact Kris Burrows, the lab's security manager, at x7548 or