Jefferson Lab: NUFO Phishing Update

Jefferson Lab: NUFO Phishing Update

Sent on behalf of the Information Technology Division:

Jefferson Lab Staff and Users:

We have confirmed that an email that was sent out Wednesday, 4/6/2011, afternoon from to many staff and users was from the Jefferson Lab User Group using non-lab related resources. Sebastian Kuhn sent a follow-up email to the list later in the day.

Some additional information:

  • The list is moderated, i.e. email sent to the list is reviewed by the User Group before going to the full distribution.
  • If you interact with the list manager for this list, DO NOT use your Jefferson Lab password.
  • Do not post to this list using your Jefferson Lab user account or computer with any content not meeting Jefferson Lab usage requirements.

As always, please contact the if you have any questions. AND, be careful. There have recently been a significant increase in phishing, spear phishing and spam activities on the Web.

Thank you for the rapid multiple queries to the helpdesk on the original email. One of our best defenses for cyber threats is aware users.

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