Jefferson Lab to Stop Posting on Google+ as of Feb. 1, 2019

Jefferson Lab Communications Office currently posts information and updates on the social media platforms Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. In October, Google announced that it would be phasing out G+ due to the platform’s low usage.  However, due to a bug found after a November update that has since been fixed, Google has decided to accelerate the phase-out of consumer G+ from Aug. 2019 to April 2019.  

As a result of this phase-out, Jefferson Lab will stop posting to G+ as of February 1. We would encourage G+ users who are part of the Jefferson Lab community to switch to one of the other social media platforms to stay up to date with the news and information that is provided via social media. If you would like to read further details about the phase out of Google+, you can read this post on the Google blog. If you have questions about Jefferson Lab's phase out of G+, please contact Lauren Hansen at or x7689.