Jefferson Lab Three-Year Accelerator Schedule: Calendar Year 2014 - 2016

Dear All,

On Dec. 16, we posted a three-year view of the laboratory accelerator (CEBAF) schedule. Like all long-range schedules, there are uncertainties as to whether it will be achieved. On the other hand, it broadly matches the expectations inherent in our discussions with the DOE Office of Nuclear Physics. It also corresponds to the commissioning plans which follow the 12 GeV Upgrade Project construction.

We anticipate updating the schedule approximately twice, but certainly not less than once, per year. We hope that this will be helpful for staff, users and other stakeholders.  The schedule can be found at:

To make it easy to find, we also have posted additional links to this page on the Scientists and Users pages, as well as the Experimental Schedule page:

Hugh Montgomery
Director, Jefferson Lab