Jefferson Lab Vehicle Fleet Do’s and Don’ts

Jefferson Lab Vehicle Fleet Do’s and Don’ts

In addition to safe driving, Jefferson Lab Fleet vehicle drivers are responsible for the proper use, maintenance and protection of their vehicles.  Abiding by the following Do’s and Don’ts will help us keep costs down and provide quality service.


Do safeguard the vehicle, charge card and keys against damage, theft, or misuse.  Caution:  JLab work groups where GSA (General Services Administration) leased vehicles are assigned may be financially responsible for repairs and damages beyond normal wear and tear.  Fleet card misuse resulting from failure to safeguard the Fleet card may incur liability to the responsible individual or workgroup.

Do park or store the vehicle in a manner that reasonably protects it from theft or damage.  Parking and storage expenses are the responsibility of the Jefferson Lab work group who incurred the expenses.

Do lock all doors of an unattended vehicle, set the parking brake, and carry the keys and charge card with you when leaving the vehicle.  (FMR 102-34.245 (Federal Management Regulation))

Do turn in keys and the charge card when returning the vehicle to the Jefferson Lab work group custodian, appropriate key box, or JLab Facility Admin. 

Do report lost, damaged, or stolen charge cards and/or license plates to the JLab Vehicle Control Officer immediately (Vehicle Control Officer, 757-269-7406)!   JLab will in-turn file a lost tag report with DOE, GSA, and the Department of Homeland Security.

Do immediately report vehicle theft to:

- the police in the locale where the vehicle was stolen. 

- JLab Vehicle Control Officer (Will notify DOE, GSA, and Department of Homeland Security.)

- your supervisor

Do carry a valid operator’s permit for the type of vehicle being operated, including a commercial driver’s license of required.


Do not use the vehicle for private business, personal errands or recreation.  Avoid creating any perception of misuse.  Reported incidents of misuse often result in disciplinary actions to the driver.  (FMR 102-34.220)

Do not transport members of your family, personal friends or non-JLab or government employees in the vehicle outside JLab’s mission, or without specific authorization of the JLab Fleet Manager.

Do not use the vehicle for transportation to or from work or park it at your residence without valid written authorization, as required by FMR 102-34.225.