JLab 12 GeV Upgrade T-Shirt Contest Winners announced

JLab 12 GeV Upgrade T-Shirt Contest Winners announced


CD1 Group

JLab 12 GeV project team members.

The raffle held at the CEBAF Center 12 GeV CD-1 celebration on Thursday March 2, 2006 for Free JLab 12 GeV Upgrade T-Shirts netted 30 lucky winners! T-Shirts can be picked up between 2:00 - 4:00 PM today in F315A in the new CEBAF Addition or contact Del Whitlock at 269-7425 to make other arrangements.


Allison Lung extends her most sincere thanks on behalf of the 12 GeV Upgrade Project Team for the talent and dedication that each of your bring to the 12 GeV project. We achieved CD-1 Approval because of everyone's outstanding support.

The lucky winners are:
Gayle Coleman, Luci Collins, Jim Clark, Vipuli Dharmawardane, Jean Delayen, Chaden Djalali, Hovanes Egiyan, Kevin Giovanetti, Tom Hiatt, Christine Hummel, Kyunseon Joo, Reza Kizimi, Paul King, Danny Lloyd, Richard Lusk, Wally Melnitchouk, Elois Morgan, Kei Moriya, Jim Murphy, Pawel Nadel-Turonski, Sarah Phillips, Rich Rafter, Julie Roche, Reinhard Schumacher, Christine Snetter, Mike Syptak, Sherry Thomas, Carl Timmer, Kelly Webster, Jeff Wilson.


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