JLab 2019 Property Refresher Training and Annual Property Validation Period Is Underway

The 2019 Jefferson Lab Property Refresher Training and Property Validation period begins today (Monday, Jan. 14) and continues through Feb. 28. During this timeframe, all Property Custodians must:

Complete the GEN150 Annual Property Custodian Refresher training available from the Web-Based Training page. The training takes about 10 minutes to complete. Use your JLab username and password to log in to this page.

Begin your annual property validation. Access your list via the Property Management applications portal and select Property Validation. Type in your JLab username and password to access your property list.

A new requirement has been added to the Property Validation process this year, due to a finding from the 2018 DOE assessment. In the Property Validation process, Property Custodians are also asked to mark High Risk items with an "H" at the end of the tag number on their equipment/computers. The intent is that personnel working at JLab are expected to be able to quickly recognize High Risk property that may be restricted from use by visiting foreign nationals, hence the "H" at the end of the tag number. To identify which items in your inventory are High Risk Property items, view the items' descriptions as you are completing the validation; High Risk Property items will have a "Yes" marked for that field in the property database. Note: all personal computers and laptops have the potential for containing Personally Identifiable Information, so they are considered High Risk and need the "H" added. The "H" may be added to the tag with a pen, sharpie or pencil, as long as the marking is on the tag and visible.

Reminder: Tagged property that is required for official work off-site, including laptops, must always have a current and valid Property Pass or Shipping Document. A property pass is not required for cell phones, pagers, books or thumb drives.

The Property Inventory, which follows the validation, will run from March 11-May 24. Property Management staff will inventory 20 percent of all validated items.

Questions regarding the annual property validation and inventory processes may be directed to the Property Management Office at Property@jlab.org or ext. 5682 or 7348.