JLab Admin. Manual Smoking Policy Updated

JLab Admin. Manual Smoking Policy Updated

A number of complaints have been received from Lab staff that individuals have been smoking in buildings or just outside the doors of buildings. As a reminder, smoking is not permitted:

  • Inside any building or
  • Within 50 feet of entrances, operable windows, or outdoor air intakes except in smoking shelters that have been placed around the Lab or
  • In any government owned vehicle, cart, or equipment assigned to JSA/JLab, either on or off the Laboratory grounds.

The Lab’s Smoking Policy, published in Section 208.07 of the Jefferson Lab Administrative Manual has recently been updated.

The policy applies to all JSA/Jefferson Lab staff, users, students, subcontractors, visitors and guests.

Cigarette butts should not be thrown on the ground. Cigarette receptacles are available in the smoking shelters and should be used for cigarette disposal.

Managers and supervisors are responsible for implementing this policy in their work areas.  Please ensure all staff, users and visitors are aware of and in compliance with this policy.

Read the entire policy online at: https://mis.jlab.org/mis/apps/portal/admin_manual/viewDocument.cfm?documentId=77198