JLab Annual Property Inventory Continues Through Sept. 12; Please Return Yellow Moving Totes to FM&L

The annual Jefferson Lab Personal Property Inventory audit is still in progress, but the deadline of Sept. 12 is quickly approaching. Property Manager, Christian Whalen, reminds all Property Custodians, “If you've been notified that your items need to be checked by Property Management, please schedule a few minutes to show them the items. You do not need to be present to complete the auditing process; simply let the Property Management staff know where the item is so they can go see it.

The annual inventory was first announced in a July 10 All Staff memo.

Also, the yellow totes are needed for moving lab personnel. If you have one or more of the totes from a previous move, please empty it, and submit an FM&L work request to have Shipping & Receiving come get it.

If you have questions, please contact:

Christian Whalen
JLab Property Manager
Bldg 90, Room 105
Office: 757-269-5899
Cell: 757-602-7823