JLab: Back-Up Website Created for Emergencies

JLab: Back-Up Website Created for Emergencies

Jefferson Lab has created a back-up website that will be used in the event that its main website (www.jlab.org) is shut down due to an emergency, such as a major hurricane or other similar occurrence.

The back-up website is hosted off site and can be found at: status.jlab.org.

The back-up website, which is still in the development stage, will be used to post important information for users and staff. Please save and remember this address.

As long as Jefferson Lab's main website (www.jlab.org) is functioning, short emergency announcements will continue to be posted on its front page in a yellow banner. Only when this announcement/notification system isn't working will JLab post messages to the back-up website, status.jlab.org.

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